FCA Endurance

FCA offers a 10-week program designed to take a non-runner, or someone who has not run in a long time, from their easy chair to a 5K race in about 10 weeks.

Beginning Tuesday, March 21 and running through May 23, you’ll learn all about shoes and running gear, injury prevention, stretching and core exercise, diet, motivation and much more!

Our classes have a Christian focus. Each class starts with a 10 minute Christian devotional topic followed by the lesson of the week (shoes, gear, etc). Then we all participate in a group walk/run workout. Come to class prepared to workout.

Classes begin at 6:15 pm and will end at approximately 7:30pm. Classes are held at the Hanover Township Community Center at 3660 Jacksonville Rd. In Bethlehem.

It’s ok to miss a class or two but try to make as many as you can. You’ll at least need to keep up with the weekly workouts if you miss a class.

At the end of the course, we will all participate in a local 5K race together! (You must register for the race and pay their race fee separately. We will discuss in class)

Cost for the course is free but you need to purchase a short sleeve, technical FCA shirt which we will all wear at the race. It is only $25. Payment is due by the third class. Checks are made out to Lehigh Valley FCA.

You can sign up at any time during the course so long as you are able to enter the program at the current level of running.

Registration for the current FCA Kick Start 5K Runners Training class is closed. Watch for our next class coming soon!


Meet our 2016 Kick Start 5K graduating class. Went from couch to the Via 5K in 12 weeks!